The selection of the storage facility racks

Shelves are storage equipments for storing goods and it plays an important function in the warehouse. With the increasing of the freight volume, except for high bearing capacity, Storage Rack System also must own more functions and may be automated and mechanized. The shelves investments make a considerable proportion within the total investments. Shelves require a large variety of steels and nonetheless have a crucial impact around the operation pattern, so it is actually considerable to choose appropriate and financial shelves. Under the situations of remaining the shelves’ strength, stiffness and overall stability, manufacturers attempt to reduce the weight of your shelves, cut down the consumption of steel, and lessen the bearing capacity of warehouse shelves to meet the needs from the warehouse.

Prior to picking out the warehouse shelves, we will need have a excellent understanding on the shelf system’s classification, functions, positive aspects and disadvantages. Then, under the understanding of the numerous shelves and its traits, you may select the shelves according to your demands. The followings would be the steps of Pallet Racking selection:

  1. Purchasers make specifications regarding the warehouse shelving system;
  2. Suppliers draw up plans and design and style the obtainable shelf kinds;
  3. Suppliers evaluate the rationality and optimization in the plans;
  4. Quotation;
  5. Suppliers choose the proper a single shelf program;
  6. Two sides sign a contract;
  7. Designers style the shelves with detailed technical knowledge;
  8. Companies put the warehouse shelves into mass production (prepare production supplies, processing, surface treatment, packing, and so on.);
  9. Suppliers install the shelves for the purchasers;
  10. Purchasers inspect and accept the Heavy Duty Pallet Racking.

The specifications for warehouse shelves system commonly include the followings:

Warehouse plan;

Specifications, attributes and weight of the Unit (unit packaging) of the goods,

Specifications, Max dump height and bearing capacity with the per tray;

Access mod (hand access, mechanical access and automatic access) and access equipments;

Specifications of stocks;

Specifications concerning the frequency of cargo moving in and out;

Specifications in the management method;

Manage way and so on.


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